The Humming Magazine was established in 2016,
and is a bimonthly publication & collective based out of Toronto.
We aim to provide an inclusive and stimulating space for contributors to share their work.
As editors, we thrive on the continuous growth and extension of creation—
we want to take what you need to give us.
This project is political, it's active, it's religious, it's passing.
It's open and it's experimental and it aches and it fractures at the seams a bit.
and like a bird too small to fly yet, there's just a seed here but it's been getting wet.
We want to hear what makes you move and what gets you feeling animal.
 We want to take what gnaws at you and what you find yourself teething on.
exposure is our best friend; we like you ripped open and throbbing. 
and if you want to sit in silence, that's okay too. 
In essence, we'll give you space & you give us a piece of yourself;
we want your heart, or at least we wanna lick it a little.

Submissions are open year-round.