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Jenny Dallan

Jenny is your editor-in-chief here at The Humming Magazine. for half the year, she lives in toronto. otherwise, you can found her living & basking on warm rocks like the lizard she likely is. she enjoys thick pink paint and getting sunburnt. she'd like to always be naked and holding a gin & tonic. preferably in the north. preferably in the forest. preferably old-growth. she works as a part-time naturalist/part-time ol' yeller/basset hound, and one day, she's gonna move to a coast to be with speckled horses, salt, and flowers. quite importantly, she loves dancing and dislikes rules. most importantly, she loves getting your work up + inside her massive humming body!!!

 insta: @matheaharris twit: @mathea_harris

insta: @matheaharris
twit: @mathea_harris

Mathea Harris
artistic/web DIRECTOR

Mathea Harris is our creative director. She currently attends Ryerson University, studying Fashion Design. She knows that the passionate connection between an artist and their work is extremely special, and she hopes to help foster that important relationship here at The Humming Magazine. Mathea is from a tiny tiny town called Embro, in Ontario. She has a deep love for 1960's aesthetics and the Feist song "Mushaboom," which she refers to as "Mushroom." You'll often find Mathea calling herself a "people lover," because she "loves people." She enjoys jalapeños and low-cost/high-percentage wine. She once closed a date with, "I have a bad sense of smell, so don't send me flowers," and that, quite aptly, sums her up.


 insta: @hassenyas

insta: @hassenyas

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insta: @carleighcampbell
twit: @freshbasil

Yasmine Hassen

Yasmine is our Communications Director here at The Hum. She's just a gal from The Big Smoke (a nickname for Toronto she recently discovered). She studies socio-cultural & environmental anthropology as well as cinema studies at the University of Toronto.  She's passionate about photography and film because it gives her ability to play artistically with reality and that is her shiz. Beyond that, she loves nature and often dreams of lying in her hammock. She has a thang for incense and can be often seen giving her wrists a big ol' dose of ylang ylang essential oil. She hopes to eventually live out her days in an eternal Autumn haze, filming anthropological documentaries about the fluxes & flows of youth culture. 


Carleigh Campbell is a girl from a small town who moved to the big city to see big change in this big world! Then she realized all she wanted to do was eat basil and drink mojitos and cook a big meal for her friends. Though she still dreams about some sort of big thing, she occupies her time studying Women & Gender and the good ol' French language at the University of Toronto. One day she hopes her french will be good enough that the French people will not laugh at her. For now, she eats lots of pastries and sings poorly and skypes her parents.