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Alphabetized list of contributors to The Humming Magazine



Deborah Ocholi

Liana Ernszt

"I'm living it easy studying art history surrounded by music, painting and Patti Smith approved poetry locked in a passionate affair with the sun and views out of windows. I also run SAME gallery and try really hard to recreate the same energy and community that enveloped New Yorkin the 50's à la Beat Generation, or New York in the 70's... aka PUNK. I have my most fun on Instagram @indianaliana
- Later!"

Olivia Bednar

Victoria Butler

Victoria Butler doesn’t like writing bios. She is born and bred in Barrie, Ontario, where she
serves as the Editor-in- Chief of the literary journal The Northern Appeal. She takes being The
Mom Friend way too seriously.




Adina Samuels

Adina Samuels is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. She has an ongoing affair with words and the power they have over her. She has recently taken up creative writing and looks forward to many late nights of exhilaration to come.


Albert Hoang

Albert is the Editor-in-Chief of the UC Review and the President of the UC Lit. He loves walking around the city during the blue hour and loop-listens to songs all day.

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Alyson Davies

Alyson Davies lives on the traditional lands of the Cree, Dene, Stoney- Nakota Sioux, Saulteaux, and Ojibwe people on the Treaty 6 territory. She grew up rural in the vastness of the Canadian Prairies but has since relocated to Edmonton to be part of a multi-nation community. She has a BFA from the University of Alberta. Her practice includes but is not limited to painting, printmaking, performance, ceramics, and sculpture. Alyson is an educator of Western-Canadian history. She is a taurus with a capricorn moon and virgo rising. She’s a founder of the artist collective Tennis Club.


Alyssa DiBattista

Alyssa is a student of English and an admirer of excellent breads. She splits her time between feeling flustered and contemplating how to properly be a Torontonian, though these often occur simultaneously. Hopefully she will be a writer someday but for now she's into editing other people's words.


Andrew Mackin

Andrew Mackin is a University of Toronto student studying Islam, Middle Eastern History, and Arabic. Andrew is a poet and multi-instrumentalist who teaches as well as writes music. He hopes to self-publish a collection of his poetry in the near-future.


Annie D

I am 23 years old and have been expressing myself through art since I was very young. I have tried to find beauty in my past traumas, and poetry allows me to intimately express what I've often struggled to verbalise. My work is a collection of fragmented memories and experiences, some of which may not directly resonate with others, but for me writing is a cathartic experience and I have learnt to only write for myself. My ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the reality of trauma and its effects on the individual; it is not beautiful or romantic, but exhausting and devastating.


Antonia Facciponte

Antonia Facciponte is an Undergraduate English student at the University of Toronto. In herfirst year, she was accepted into the Vic One Program, studying art and social change. Herwriting explores experimental poetic forms. In addition to writing, Antonia dedicates herself tothe violin, drawing, and fencing.

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Antoni Hidalgo

Antoni Hidalgo (inercies_),1969, is an Mollet del Vallés, Barcelona-based artist, He has created  collective and individual exhibitions and combines his artistic work in the environment with creative photography.

See more of Antoni's work here: and


Arin Klein

Arin is a University of Toronto student studying English, Book & Media Studies, and Linguistics. She also enjoys doing music and musical theatre, writing, editing, and reading - basically, she loves words in many shapes and forms. 

Ashley Meehan


Ashley Meehan a student at University of Toronto, specializing in Media Studies and Creative Expressions. She loves photography and poetry, and is looking to publish a mixed media chapbook in the coming months. Her poetry is inspired by the Imagist period, by poets such as Hilda Doolittle and Ezra Pound.

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Austyn Degelman

Austyn Degelman is a poet born and raised in Texas. She loves coffee, movies, her dog, and crying at almost anything. She is the current Vice President of Mic Check Poetry, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that brings poetry and art to local communities. She believes in the power and importance of vulnerability, and is happy to be anywhere.


Avikna Gupta

Avnika Gupta is a performance poet/person, breaking out of cages designed as classrooms, concern and comfort. Working with magazines such as Berlin Artparasites, Thought Catalog, Terribly Tiny Tales, among others; she aims to gradually counter the historical alienation of the experiences of people suffering from mental health issues, so they become a part of nothing but the peripheries of our everyday conversations. 


Aysha Ahmadjan

Aysha Ahmadjan is the creative mind behind our logo! Aysha is finishing up her second year at the University of Toronto and is honestly our little star! When The Hum was nothing more than a humble dream, we hit up the extremely talented Aysha to help us out. With just a simple idea of what we wanted for our peach, she developed a passionately succulent design that we all loved! Outside of her artistic endeavours, Aysha is also a passionate activist. Her humanitarian drive is such an inspiration to everyone she encounters. Oh, she's also a poetic fiend! Is there anything this woman can't do? The answer is an obvious NO!! We're so excited to have her in our community, and can't wait for you to indulge in her beautiful pieces

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Brooke Cormier

Brooke Cormier is a 23-year-old Toronto-based artist aspiring to become a full time professional. She graduated from the University of Guelph in 2016 with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, and though having loved the program, her passion has always resided in the arts. Her decision to pursue her dream of becoming a professional artist has already revealed its rewards as one of Canada’s top landscape artists, Tim Packer, has agreed to mentor her through her artistic journey. Their biweekly meetings are being filmed and published on YouTube as the “Tim Packer Mentorship Program with Brooke Cormier” to provide useful information to other aspiring artists. Being at the beginning of her art career, Brooke’s work has not yet bound itself to one niche, though she primarily paints objective works with a realistic approach in oils and acrylics using traditional techniques.


Brooke Gossen

Brook Gossen loves to make pretty patterns and illustrations. She tries to disconnect from technology as often as possible and take the time to stop and smell the roses, watch the clouds float dreamily in the sky and notice the beauty that surrounds us all. She is constantly inspired by her husband and 3 amazing kids, and loves a spoonful (or 2 or 3) of Nutella every now and then. My style is very simple and I like a minimal colour palette.


Cailin Doherty

Cailin Doherty is a student at OCAD U working on her Bachelor's degree in Design for Illustration. She enjoys playing video games when she isn’t drawing her friends. More of her work can be found at


Cameron Thomson

Cameron is a University of Toronto student studying English, Book & Media Studies, and Linguistics. He also enjoys doing music and musical theatre, writing, editing, and reading - basically, he loves words in many shapes and forms. 


Carleigh Campbell

Carleigh Campbell is the Managing Editor at The Humming Magazine.

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Carter Vance

Carter Vance is a student and aspiring poet originally from Cobourg, Ontario, currently studying at Carleton University in Ottawa. His work has appeared in such publications as The Vehicle, (parenthetical) and F(r)iction, amongst others. He received an Honourable Mention from Contemporary Verse 2's Young Buck Poetry Awards in 2015. His work also appears on his personal blog Comment is Welcome.


Chloe Pulfer

Chloe Pulfer currently studies Political Science and Contemporary Asian Studies at the University of Toronto. Originally from Ottawa, she attended an arts-specialized secondary school and was quickly inspired by the works of Jerome Lagarrigue and Danny Roche. She is currently most inspired by artists Toby Harvard, Ryan McGinley, Jack Vanzet, and Chin H Shin.


Christina Bondi

Christina Bondi is absolutely thrilled to begin her Master's of Information at the University of Toronto this September. With a profound passion for semiotics (woven into each of her creative writing pieces), Christina enjoys reflecting upon topics such as, technology, spatiality, and, more generally, popular culture.


Connor Sziklasi


Daisy Charleen Arko-Dadzie

Daisy Arko-Dadzie is a student at University of Toronto, double majoring in Human Biology and Neuroscience. Her taste in music branches to all sorts: indie folk, RnB, soul, and rap. Ultimately, she enjoys discovering underground/ indie artistes, because the fact that very few people know this artiste, strengthens the intimacy and connection to their music. In her spare time, she writes short stories, drenched in adjectives and adverbs, which tends to draw the reader in. 


David Rodríguez López

My name is David Rodríguez. I am 39 years old and I am from Spain. From an early age, I have always been attracted to the art world, but my love for photography didn´t start until 2013, the year I bought my first reflex camera, and I began to explore my attraction to art. Shortly afterwards, I began to train myself through several courses, and also in a self-taught way. While I was studying, I discovered new photographers. One day, I discovered Guy Bourdin and a photo that fascinated me enormously. In the picture, there was a girl under the water with her eyes and mouth open. I was enthralled with this image instantly, and this is how I came up with the idea for the "Fresh" series. Then, I did the shooting taking advantage of a summer day in which the sun was at its peak.


David Swetnam-Burland

David Swetnam–Burland is an attorney and sometime writer from Williamsburg, Virginia, where he lives with his wife, children, and too many pets, and can be found on occasion trying to take decent pictures of the land- and waterscape; he can be found on Instagram and Twitter @ds_burland.


Emily Powers


Eric Belanger

My name is Eric Belanger. I'm a Toronto-based illustrator currently attending OCAD U. I have completed two years of my illustration program thus far, and hope to achieve my bachelor's degree in design in the not-too-distant future. Beyond visual arts, I am passionate about creative writing, poetry, and music. I have played guitar for nearly a decade, and so am somewhat obligated to hold a special place in my heart for classic rock, but I enjoy listening to everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Nine Inch Nails (I do tend to shy away from country stuff-- my sincere apologies)


Evan Tyler

Evan Tyler is an artist, musician, occasional curator and a writer of fiction who is based out of Canada. Tyler has exhibited and curated both nationally and internationally. From 2010-2014 he owned, curated and facilitated the contemporary art space on Queen St. West in Toronto known as gallerywest, and won "Best Gallery in Toronto" in 2012, 2013 and 2014 awarded by The Liberty Villager. His artwork focuses on the voice and performance, blending the fictional and autobiographical. This synthesis most often produces tragicomical characters/personas who act out stories about desire, addiction, excess, vulnerability and anxiety. These narratives take form as short movies. Tyler also works in still-image, installation, music, collaboration, drawing and the written word. Tyler is a graduate of Masters of Visual Studies (MVS) in the studio program at The University of Toronto. He also participated in the collaborative program with the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies (SDS). His video works are distributed through VTAPE in Toronto


Farhan Mahmood

My name is Farhan Mahmood, a fourth year student at UofT studying Human Biology and Physiology. I dream of helping my community members and underprivileged communities by providing clinical service to them and spreading knowledge about infectious and chronic diseases as a Physician one day. I enjoy learning about the molecules that lurk within, and how the human body works, but I also like keeping myself creatively infused by focusing on my passion for the arts: writing, photography, and sketching--it is a way for me to escape reality and cope with stress.


Faye Bretherton

Faye Bretherton is a 19 year old student from Manchester, about to begin Manchester University to study English Literature and Creative Writing. She loves poetry, animals, the outdoors and has a slight obsession with Sylvia Plath and Twin Peaks. Instagram is @fayebretherton


Feral Jan Linden


Golda Greenspoon

Golda is 21 years old and is in her fourth year at the University of Toronto where she majors in English literature with a double minor in Political Science and Book and Media Studies. She spends her time reading, writing, doing yoga, and loves being outdoors as much as she can. Golda isn’t totally sure what the future will bring for her, but she’s definitely excited about it. Also, she’s completely and totally head over heels in love with dogs, and plans on getting a
puppy (who she will name Boatmeal) as soon as possible.


Gowri Sivanathan


Griffin Hewitt

Griffin Hewitt is an actor, musician, songwriter, and poet living in Oakville, Ontario. Originally a prairie boy from Regina, Saskatchewan, he draws from his childhood and early adulthood on the prairies, bringing songs and stories from his home to a larger, more urban audience, while also investigating life in Ontario from an outsider's perspective. Griffin is currently studying Musical Theatre Performance at Sheridan College.


Hannah Boyle

Hannah Boyle is a red-haired scribe of Alba. Whilst pursuing a degree in English Literature, she dedicates herself to the preservation, documentation and poetification of Scotland’s mythology and history. She likes coffee and solitude, and spends most days listening to 'O Superman' by Laurie Anderson - which she soon hopes will build up her confidence to write more.


Hannah Norling

Hannah Norling is a poet and mixed media artist living in Astoria, Queens. She takes pictures of pigeons, old metro cards she finds on the ground, and every rose bush she comes across. She runs a poetry account with her best friend @mercurypoetry

Harrison Clarke

Visual Artist, Stylist, and Fashion Journalist. Harry's Instagram is @clarke.____ and his Tumblr is


Ingrid Llambi

Ingrid Llambi is a Toronto-based poet and short storyist studying English and Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. Her poetry and short fiction have been published by Scholastic, Early Harvest Magazine, and FUN, among others. She recently released Slut, her first chapbook. Aside from writing, she lives for horror films, experimental art, and dancing gracelessly in her room at 2am.

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Idiris Mohamed

Idiris Mohamed has been writing since he was a small child to deal with anxiety and other problems. Most of his poetry is based off of love and other emotions he feels strongly attached to; his advice for aspiring writers  (like himself!) is to always be you, and never change your writing to fit others' expectations. Just be you. 

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James Ebert

Jack is a student in Massachusetts. He enjoys Marlboro Lights, spending summers on Cape Cod, and the quietness of going outside during a house party


James Lewicki

James is a young journalist, prose and poetry author. His previous publications have been with: Whatif Magazine, Topolitique, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Fulcrum, none of which are poetry publications, as he is fairly new to poetry itself. He is also the current Vice President of the Canadian branch of Topolitique, as well as a Masters student studying at the University of Ottawa. Artistically, he also works as a photographer, and has had his work exhibited in both solo and group shows, most recently by SAMEGallery. It is through them that he found out about our lovely magazine.


Jaymie Raefta

Jaymie Raefta is an illustrator based out of Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Her work explores diversity, empowerment and activism through fashion and feminism. When she’s not doodling, Jaymie spends her time listening to Connie Francis, collecting zines and thrifting for vintage velvet / Instagram: @jaymieraefta


Jenny Dallan

Jenny Dallan is the Editor-in-Chief of The Humming Magazine. 

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Jessica Vorheis

Jessica Vorheis is an acrylic painter working in her home town Tri-Cities, WA. In 2011 she received her associates degree in fine art from Columbia Basin College and soon thereafter moved to Portland, OR for four years. She has been back in Tri-Cities for two years now. Her work has been showcased throughout the Pacific Northwest; “Milieu” at Standard Goods in Seattle, WA, “Sweet N Low” at Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA and “InVisible” at Drew Boy Creative Gallery in Richland, WA.

Website: Instagram: @jessicavorheis Facebook: 


Jessy Kitchen

Jessy kitchen is a multidisciplinary artist currently focusing on lens based, poetry and illustration work. The body, technology and the idea of waiting are themes that are constantly appearing with in her work. She has completed four years at Ocadu and is just working away in Toronto. / instragram: @jssylk


Jillian Kew

Jill Kew is an environmental studies student at U of T who can often be found in the forest watching the trees breathe. Described as "hobbit like" and possessing quality similar to that of a deer, one of Jill's biggest passions is writing poetry and short non-fiction. However, she also enjoys making crafts, singing off-key, and smiling at strangers.

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Joshua Kim


Julia Balm

Julia is an avid bee enthusiast who loves to smell lavender in the spring and sing like Etta James in the shower. Her poetry explores topics that spark her soul- mainly sour politics. On the weekends she likes to look for the best rhubarb jam in town and pet as many dogs as possible. 

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Julia Kolberg-Zettel

Julia Kolberg-Zettel is a photography student at Ryerson University and never misses an opportunity to use her camera. Whether it be her digital, film or phone camera, she is constantly looking for new images. More of her work can be seen at 


Juliette Pomeroy

Juliette Pomeroy has been writing music for leisure since 13, and playing guitar and piano from a very young age. Classically and jazz trained, Juliette uses her experience in her songwriting, infusing jazz theory and complex accompaniment with contemporary words and melody. Juliette focuses on telling a narrative through her music and bringing the listener to a new place in space and time. Around the age of 17, Juliette became more serious about her writing and started concentrating on lyric and melodic structure.  Juliette now attends Sheridan College where she is studying Music Theatre Performance. In this program, she has the ability to create work and put it on its feet by working with classmates and faculty to bring her original sound forward. Juliette hopes to push the boundaries of popular music by bringing intricate songwriting back to the forefront of the media and build a future upon the creation of interesting art and sound.


Katharina Davoudian

I'm an undergrad student at UofT studying Life Sciences. One of my poems will be published in Volume II of The Soap Box.


Kathryn Last

I am a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on painting, sculpture and found art objects. My artistic process  explores the intersection between creation and the expressivity of material.   


Kira Braden

Kira is recently graduated from the University of Ottawa, having studied Communications and English Literature. When she's not writing, she can usually be found squinting into the viewfinder of her camera. You can check out her work by searching @plain_mundane on Instagram (


Kristen Zimmer

Kristen Zimmer is a Swiss-Canadian third-year student specializing in English Literature and minoring in Spanish at the University of Toronto. Some of her poems are published in the UC Review's winter and spring editions.She buys more books than she needs and drinks more coffee than necessary.


Kyle Topolnisky

Kyle Topolnisky is a 22 year old musician from Oshawa. Blaster is his solo music project which you can discover here: Follow him on Instagram too for the usual pics of dogs and nature.


Laura Martineau

Laura Martineau is a singer-songwriter based in London, Ontario. In addition to songwriting, Laura also acts, dances, paints, draws, sculpts, get the idea.

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Liana Ernszt


Leyland Rochester

Leyland Rochester studies English and Sociology at Victoria College in the University of Toronto. He is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Idiom, UofT's English academic journal, and an associate editor for Acta Victoriana. His work has been featured in The UC Review, The Spectatorial, and others. His two favourite things to do are speed-read novels during the summer and dip his toes into the lake up at his cottage. He's always accessible on Twitter (@maybeleyland) and Instagram (@leylander1). 


Marchi Wierson

Marchi Wierson is a writer and artist living in Portland, Oregon. A self proclaimed urban hermit, Marchi writes or draws most days. Currently her poems and art can be found at and


Mary Colombe Kirkpatrick

Mary Kirkpatrick is a student and illustrator living in Toronto, Canada. Her work has been featured in Applied Arts Magazine and You can find more of her work online at

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Mathea Harris

Mathea Harris is the Creative Director at The Humming Magazine

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Maya McDonald

Maya McDonald is a young Black woman who has rediscovered writing as the medicine to copewith the ills of the world. Her work is a reflection of her life; focused on community, love, pain,growth, and awareness throughout history. She hopes her writing can bring a little more light into some of society's dark places.

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Maya Skarzenski

Maya is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. She works mostly with photography and mixed media painting. She decided she was going to be an artist when she was 14. Since then she has been experimenting with all kinds of different ways of making art; performance, kinetic sculpture, textiles, etc. Her art has been evolving quickly, but she has found that she usually go back to the same themes: the body and texture. she is interested in the relationship between bodies and art. She likes the idea that humans can become artistic images. We can always create on top of our bodies and explore new possibilities. She wants to join her fascination of the human form with her love of abstract art. 

See more of Maya's work here: 


Megan Hazen

Born in Renfrew Ontario and currently based in Toronto, Megan Hazen is a 2017 graduate of OCAD University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction.  Hazen has long been a part of her local arts community, taking part annually in the Renfrew Art in the Park outdoor show, as well as a large mural for the Renfrew Fair.  In 2014, Megan was a finalist in the So You Want to be an Artist national competition, thereby had the opportunity to have a painting in the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.  Hazen spent her third year of university in Italy part of OCAD U's Florence Off-Campus Studies Program.  Here, the focus was on creating a cohesive body of work and studying Italian Art History on location, while also having the chance to travel Europe.  Living in Florence also provided the opportunity to exhibit work internationally.  Hazen was the featured artist for the RVH Foundation's annual holiday fundraising card for 2016.  Hazen works largely in acrylic and oil paint, with a love of colour and texture.  Creating a sense of life, movement, and fun is fuel for this passion.  Entering into this new chapter, Megan is looking forward to future opportunities, travel, and discoveries.  For more on Megan Hazen's work or to contact, please visit, email at, find her on Facebook @MeganHazenArtist or Instagram @megan_hazen_artist!


Mick Rose

I am Mick Rose, an illustrator, a designer, and periodic writer. My primary focus it digital artwork inspired by tattoos and alternative subculture. My projects and I can be found on Instagram at @mickroseart.


Niamh Gomm

Niamh Gomm just finished third year at UofT for Ethics Society & Law and PoliSci with a minor in African Studies. Niamh relates to an absurd amount of TV characters and listens to a lot of angsty music. Her fave pastimes include concerts, burritos, wine, and showers. Feminist Bitch.

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Nords is an experimental rock group based in Toronto, founded in 2012. 


Olivia Bednar


Olivia Jol

Olivia Jol is an aimless second-year student at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. She writes poetry, and draws constantly. She is fascinated by cults, ghosts and the healing power of herbal tea. 


Oriana Di Nucci

My name is Oriana Di Nucci, I am a third-year student at the University of Toronto studying Drama, Italian and French. I love to create but I also enjoy comment on all art forms, pop-culture or pretty much anything. Discovering a unique perspective is what fuels me to write and I enjoy communicating those ideas with others.


Paul-Daniel Torres

Paul-Daniel Torres is 19, a Toronto native going to Sheridan for film school. He likes to make comedy and shit that reflects whatever he's upset about at the time. Wether that's racism, facism, or people giving up their own characteristics for an aesthetic. He thinks his film really reflects his upbringing being the son of latin immigrants and that whole struggle. His goal with all this is to entertain and teach people. As well be a voice for people like me (latin kids) who really get lost in frame work sometimes. The biggest dream is too make something worthwhile and have a character he made mean something to someone, or have another little brown kid look at me and be like "hey! he did it, maybe I can too."

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Rachel Evangeline Chiong

Rachel Evangeline Chiong takes pictures of her friends because she loves them. However, her friends do not reciprocate, because they do not like her instagram handle (@rachelsauruscrankthatfocus).


Raquel Garcia

I'm an English philologist, school teacher, curious, attracted by intimate scenes photographer. Always restless and dreamy, I found in photography the door peephole to discover others and myself. I feel passion towards suggestive shapes, lights, shadows, bodies that stimulate our senses, invite us to imagine that intimacy that we only let to "our chosen" discover. Instagram/Flickr: @rachelghe


Rien Bautista

Many say that Rien Bautista is an 80 year old grandma stuck in a 19 year old’s body. Born and raised in the Philippines, she moved to Canada when she was 17. Rien is a fashion student and blogger who loves to take pictures, eat cheese and pretend she can paint.

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Saige Power

Saige Power is entering her fourth year at Victoria College, U of T, studying Neuroscience and Health and Disease. She loves photography, visual art, short stories, and brain facts. She's very thankful to be featured in The Humming and is excited for its launch! 

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Sam Hodgkins-Sumner

Sam is a U of T Student whose preferred state is being in a bath while eating yogurt and listening to Frank Ocean.


Sandra Paris

My name is Sandra Paris. I'm a french self taught painter born in 1977 and who live in Paris. I studied art at the university but the studies were more theorical than practical. So i decided to change to do graphic design studies. I became graphist in a publishing house. In 2007, in parallel to my professional activity, i decided to paint. My principal influences are 19th and 20th century. My colorful universe is made of female characters with long necks and sad expressions, landscapes and still lifes. my in uences are evidents : Modigliani, post impressionism, german expressionnism, fauvism,etc. 
In 2014, I started collages. A pieces of magazine photos or old photographies that I paint. I try to compose an dream world with my collages.
My artwork has been exhibited in Italy, Colombia, France. 
My instagram:
My website :
My blog :

Savroop Shergill

Savroop Shergill, or Sav, is an eternal optimist and writer born and raised in the GTA. She loves learning about anything and everything, breakfast food, and enjoying a good cup of coffee (or ten) every now and then over a good book and some even better company. 


Sarah Cleary

Sarah is a Capricorn who shoots to remind herself of the beauties hidden in plain sight. She is fond of what film has to offer; the perfection of an overexposed photo, the surprise that you await as your film is being developed, and that it slows you down.  Sarah constantly feels as if life is passing her by, never having enough time in the day to do everything she wishes to, so she shoots to stay grounded. 


Seigar is an English philologist, a highschool teacher, and a curious photographer. He is a fetishist for reflections, saturated colors, details and religious icons. He feels passion for pop culture that shows in his series. He considers himself a traveler and an urban street photographer. His aim as an artist is to tell tales with his camera, to capture moments but trying to give them a new frame and perspective. Travelling is his inspiration. However, he tries to show more than mere postcards from his visits, creating a continous conceptual line story from his trips. The details and subject matters come to his camera once and once again, almost becoming an obsession. His most ambitious project so far is  his “Plastic People", a work that focuses on the humanization of the mannequins he finds in the shop windows all over the world. He has participated in several exhibitions in Tenerife, and his works have also been featured in international publications. 


Shayla Smith


Sheila Mulrooney

Sheila is currently completing her last year of undergrad at the University of Toronto,studying English Literature. This past year, she completed her second creative writing seminar and wanted to submit her work to The Humming Magazine. Sheila’s work has previously been published in campus journals, such as The Mike and The Grammatorian.

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Shezanur Rahman

Shez is a, in alphabetical order, barista, photographer, student, and writer. To that list, he's trying to get rid of student and replace it with classicist, linguist, mythologian, philosopher, theologian, and world traveler. He hopes one those will have "expert," "master," or "professional" next to it one day.


Shyam Jajal

Shyam is a Fourth Year Economics and Political Science student from Mumbai. He has been doing photography for past 6 years and he loves to create cinematic or dreamy looking pictures combining them with beautiful people and his perspective of the city


Sofia Ahmed


Sophia Rea-Fabiano

Sophia Rea is a Performance Production student at Ryerson University. She enjoys writing prose and poetry, strawberry jam, and reading uninterrupted. 

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Sophie Foster

Sophie Foster currently attends the University of Ottawa studying Conflict Studies and HumanRights. “Music has always been my way of expression but because my university does not allownon-music students to use the practise rooms I've turned to informal writing. I am a verypassionate person with interests in feminism, animal rights and war studies."

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Stefania Nistor

Stefania Nistor is always begging Father Time for a few more minutes. She loves whiskey, wood grain, and winding roads. She writes to stay present.


Stephanie Spagnuolo

Stephanie is a University of Toronto student studying English, Book & Media Studies, and Linguistics. She also enjoys doing music and musical theatre, writing, editing, and reading - basically, she loves words in many shapes and forms. 


Sun Rey

Sun Rey is a Muslim Toronto-based poet. Her poetry has been published with MANIFEST STATION, the Northern Appeal and showcased with Nuit Rose, in collaboration with OUR FUTRE IS QUEER. She loves green pianos and chilled tea."


Surya Shékhar Biswas

Surya Shékhar Biswas is a Sociology Post Graduate, who became a Graphic Designer to pursue his creative side. Growing as an artist he often finds himself attracted to designing for social causes and with time he aims his art to be more multidisciplinary. His interests include: Graphic Design, Art Photography, Fashion, Editorial Illustration, Foreign Typography, Ancient and Traditional Art, Surrealism, Nudity, Gender & Sexuality, etc to name a few. 


Taylor Cenac

My name is Taylor Cenac. I’m an in-going third-year Women and Gender Studies Student at the University of Toronto.


Theseus Jenkins


Victoria Butler

Victoria Butler is a 21 year old, certified Mom friend who hails from Barrie, ON and an Editor-in-Chief of The Northern Appeal. She is passionate about birthdays. All of her money goes towards developing film instead of taking photos on her iPhone like a good, frugal person. You can see the fruit of her financially irresponsible labours on Instagram, @msbutler21.


Vivian Li

Vivian Li enjoys exploring obscure and intriguing concepts. She also likes to play piano, sing, take nature walks, write poetry, read, and learn about physics. She is currently studying at the University of Toronto, and has been awarded Gold and Silver Keys from Scholastic Awards for her poetry. Her work has been published in The Window, and The Strand Magazine, and The Victoriad.


Wanda Fraga Sánchez

Wanda Fraga Sánchez de la Campa was born in 1994 in the city of Santa Clara (Cuba). From the time she was a little girl, she accumulated a great number of prizes, astonishing both her teachers and those who came to her work (especially poetic) for her profound vision of life at such a young age.

In 2010 he began his studies at the Professional Academy of Arts "Leopoldo Romañach" which he leaves in 2013. After leaving the Academy of Arts, Wanda works on his own to develop his artistic work. In the same year the artist presents her first personal exhibition. In 2014 at the request of his teachers he returns to the Academy again and graduates. In this new period that Wanda spent in the institution, it becomes notorious the seriousness that has acquired her work, beyond the naivety of a young art student, her work has evolved towards a more complex work.

Wanda has rediscovered himself, making definitive contact with his own interiority, which is evident in his work. The loneliness and the feeling of abandonment that has been constant in his life is clearly reflected in his work, where man is always contrasted with the social environment, as if it were a fragmented reality.


Yasmine Hassen

Yasmine Hassen is the Communications Director at The Humming Magazine

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