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Welcome to The Humming Magazine!


The Humming Magazine was born from a need for space. Space for experimentation, for acceptance, a space to put our vulnerabilities in public—at the beginning, we kept throwing words out to define it: impassioned! a place of spirit! a place for exposure, for unapologetic imperfection, for vulnerability! And after a whole year of this publication, in many ways we feel we’ve accomplished that space.


Though, as we grow, more than anything we find ourselves struck by the indefinable air still around the project. In the end, The Humming is somewhere we can go to for a deep breath: it reminds us to cherish the ways our bodies respond to what we put them through. The words, the sounds, and the art that comes out in the process are the ways in which we evince ourselves. It matters. By honouring our reactions, our thoughts, our words, we’re really playing with that honest essence behind everything: the truth behind our lives, behind our nature. It’s an ineffably important quest— we really do believe that. The Humming is a gift to that idea, and so it doesn’t matter how exactly we define it, because it’s really not about anything in particular. It’s not even for anything in particular. The Hum is a growing collection of the intertwining humanities of our contributors. Its function lies in the connections made—many people involved, many different reasons for spitting out our art somewhere, and one space to put it. And what a beautiful collection it is!!!! 

As our community grows and we roll on into another year, we want to thank everyone who has made this past year what it was. It hasn’t been easy at times, as busy schedules, lack of profit, and the (internationalized!) absence of some of our editors throughout the year was, at times, tough to deal with. Though, we also accomplished some pretty sweeeeet things: the launch of our first Humming Sessions event, collabs with local art communities, features in Toronto mags, and (the best part) some amazing new friends. 


To us editors, The Hum has become more than an online platform. The physical site and the presence of work on it is a cherished, living artifact for all of us, but the real, crucial magic here has grown from the networks—the connections—that the Hum has allowed us to foster among our readers and contributors. 

All to say: 

THANK YOU ALL FOR A KICK ASS YEAR! Keep submitting. Keep reading. Keep hanging with us. 



-        The Humming Editors